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ST offers a large portfolio of energy-efficient DC/DC powered LED driver ICs for general lighting, display LED backlighting, automotive exterior and interior lighting, RGB and monochromatic LED drivers for signage and traffic signals.

Ideal for both parallel and series configurations, our LED driver portfolio enables high-efficiency, high-current accuracy, low-noise and small-size solutions. Topologies include buck regulator, boost regulator, offline LED drivers, linear LED supply, programmable multi-channels with high dimming capability.

Our LED driver portfolio includes:


Programmable 12-channel RGB-LED Driver with high current accuracy

With patented features to prevent distracting artefacts in “color-chasing” or “deep breathing” LED animation effects, LED1202 enables smoother and more natural interactions with smart-home devices, wearable electronics, and small appliances.

The output current can be adjusted separately for each channel by 8-bit analog dimming control up to 20 mA per channel and 12-bit internal PWM dimming control. With 12 output channels, a single LED1202 can drive four RGB LEDs running up to eight programmable patterns and stored sequences. An innovative synchronization feature allows connecting up to eight LED1202 drivers to control larger LED arrays.

The STEVAL-LLL007V1 evaluation kit is available to support evaluation of the LED1202 and aids development of new products and lighting sequences.

All-in-one high-voltage LED-lighting control chip for efficient dimming, enhanced accuracy and fast start-up

The HVLED001B contains high-voltage startup and sensing circuitry that simplifies connection to the AC line. Its advanced features support multi-platform reuse and compliance with the latest lighting regulations, and include:

  • Very accurate line and load regulation over wide range to ensure constant output voltage or output current
  • Constant output voltage regulation, with no need of optocoupler, ensures voltage remains below recognized 60V safe limit, improving the application robustness
  • Frequency foldback for improved efficiency and regulation at light load with good efficiency at medium load
  • Accurate and smooth dimming
  • Power-conversion efficiency greater than 90%
  • No-load power consumption less than 100mW
  • Power factor greater than 0.9, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) below 10%
  • Low EMI at light load and medium load
  • Built-in over-current, input over-voltage, brownout, and optocoupler failure protection
  • ST’s smart Auto-Reload Timer (ART) ensures latch-free protection for enhanced safety

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