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Monolithic 2 channel power management for high definition ODD with integrated power switch

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Product overview


The STODD03 is a 2-channel power management device intended for Blu-Ray applications based on high density optical storage devices. It integrates one step-down converter able to provide 3.3 V fixed output voltage up to 700 mA load, and one step-up converter to provide the power supply needed for the blue laser in applications where only 5 V input voltage is available. The step-up output voltage is adjustable in the range from 6.5 V to 14 V, with current capability up to 500 mA. Both step-down and step-up channels integrate low RDS_ONN-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, allowing high DC-DC efficiencies. The enable function with true shutdown makes the step-up section particularly suitable for optical storage power management applications. Moreover, the STODD03 has a 1 A integrated power switch for motor control power supply. The high switching frequency allows the use of tiny SMD components. Low output ripple voltage is achieved thanks to the current mode PWM topology. The device includes soft-start control, thermal shutdown, and peak current limit to prevent damage due to accidental overload. The STODD03 is packaged in a QFN16 (4 x 4 mm).

  • All features

    • 1.2 MHz DC-DC current mode PWM converter
    • Input voltage from 4 V up to 6 V
    • Step-down 3.3 V fixed output voltage, up to 700 mA load
    • Step-up output current up to 500 mA
    • 2% step-down output voltage tolerance
    • 3% step-up output voltage tolerance
    • Synchronous rectification
    • Step-down power-save mode at light load
    • Typical efficiency: 90%
    • Internal soft-start
    • Enable functions
    • True cutoff function for step-up converter
    • Integrated motor control power switch
    • Uses tiny capacitors and inductors
    • Available in QFN16 (4 x 4 mm)

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