ACEPACK DRIVE is a compact power module tailored for hybrid and electric vehicles traction applications, capable to satisfy the growing demand by car makers for ever greater powers and efficiency solutions.

This power module is based on silicon carbide 3rd generation Power MOSFETs, a well-known and recognizes technology developed by ST that guarantees a very low RDS(on), limited switching energies, and outstanding performances in synchronous rectification working mode, maximizing the mileage range of electric vehicles and efficiency as well as enabling the usage of smaller battery pack. Thanks to its characteristics it can be used in any other motor control application that requires high efficiency and high-power capability.

ACEPACK DRIVE was designed as an all-in-one solution with an incredible high power-density able to reduce the time to market. It’s available in different AC bus bar options and with an embedded NTC that makes it very easy to use and implement in your system, moreover the industry-standard footprint reduces the design effort of the driving board. This module, thanks to the sintering process of the die to substrate and the press fit connections, guarantees a high reliable and long-lasting application.
It represents a technology breakthrough for ST, since it’s the first direct liquid cooled solution available in our portfolio, which leads to a remarkable improvement in thermal performance. ACEPACK DRIVE power module belongs to our STPOWER family.


The ACEPACK DRIVE brand is specifically optimized for main traction inverter applications in the automotive field.

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Light electric vehicle
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Commercial & agriculture vehicle
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Product types

The new ACEPACK DRIVE power modules based on SiC MOSFET Gen3 are available in different bus bar configurations to fit welding or screwing connection methods. The product portfolio includes devices in sixpack topology that targets a power range from 180 to more than 300 kW and a voltage rating from 750 V to 1200 V.

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  • Extremely high-power density and efficiency
  • Traction inverter plug & play solution
  • Optimal thermal performance thanks to AMB substrate and direct liquid cooled baseplate
  • Cost-effective solution with a reduced time to market
  • Optimized layout to minimize the stray inductance
  • Unequaled RDS(on)
  • Different bus bar available to fit welding or screwing connection methods to assure a larger area of applications
  • High reliability and robustness