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With the PowerGaN G-HEMT™ 650V, ST is expanding its STPOWER Power Transistor family with the addition of e-mode HEMTs (intrinsically normally-off devices) rated at 650V designed to meet high power and high frequency requirements that are available in top, bottom and dual side cooled SMD packages.

650 V GaN HEMT features

  • E-mode normally off transistor
  • Extremely low capacitances (10 times lower total QG than Si MOSFETs)
  • Zero reverse recovery charge (Qrr)
  • Innovative package technology to minimize parasitic effects
  • Kelvin source pin for optimum gate driving

Main applications of 650 V GaN HEMT

Designed to ensure the highest efficiency and power density as well as the best thermal behavior in power conversion applications, the G-HEMT™ 650V series targets consumer and industrial applications such as servers, telecom & datacom equipment, adapters/chargers, wireless charging, audio and e-mobility (EV) market.

Automotive Industrial Personal Electronics Communications Equipment
  • On-board Charger
  • 400V-12V DC/DC converter
  • 48V-12V DC/DC converter
  • Traction Inverter
  • PSU for Industrial Drives
  • Solar
  • Chargers
  • Adapters
  • USB PD
  • Consumer Electronics Power Supply
  • PSU for Telecom
  • PSU for Datacerter and Servers