With the PowerGaN G-HEMT 650V, ST is expanding its STPOWER power transistor family with the addition of e-mode HEMTs (intrinsically normally-off devices) rated at 650V in top-, bottom-, and dual-side cooled SMD packages for high-power and high-frequency applications.

This product family outperforms silicon counterparts in terms of the RDS(on)·x Qg figure-of-merit because of its very low specific RDS(on) per unit area, high breakdown voltage, zero reverse recovery charge, the lowest gate charge, and very low intrinsic capacitances. These features ensure better efficiency and very good switching performance to allow higher frequency operation and improve power density by reducing the overall size of passive components in power conversion applications.

Designed to ensure the highest efficiency and power density, as well as the best thermal behavior in power conversion applications, the G-HEMT 650V series targets consumer and industrial applications, including solar microinverters, servers, telecom & datacom equipment, adapters/chargers, wireless charging, audio, and vehicle electrification.

Features and advantages of Gallium Nitride Power transistors


    Power GaN can address the following applications:
  • Car electrification including 800V rated applications
  • Decarbonization through renewable energy generation and storage
  • AI and networks improving power supply efficiency and longer battery operation

Product types

  • 650V E-MODE G-HEMT
  • Ultrafast, zero Qrr e-mode HEMT, easily parallelizable, and highly suitable for very high frequency and power applications, in surface mounting packages with very low parasitic inductances.

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    650V G-HEMT product portfolio


    • Can withstand higher electrical fields → higher voltage ratings
    • Electrons have higher mobility and saturation velocity → faster switching
    • Can equal resistance and breakdown voltage of silicon in much smaller packages
    • Higher efficiency and more compact systems