MDmesh K6 series

MDmesh K6 power MOSFETs are ST’s latest very high voltage super-junction technology


With the 800V MDmesh K6 series, ST sets a benchmark for the 800V super-junction technology combining best-in-class performance with remarkable ease of use. MDmesh K6 delivers the best RDS(on) (220mΩ) currently available at 800V in a DPAK package.This new product family is a perfect fit for lighting applications, such as LED drivers and HID lamps, as well as SMPS, for instance adapters and flat-panel televisions, based on the flyback topology. The highlights of this advanced generation include very good RDS(on) classes combined with through-hole and SMD packages solutions, which enable much smaller and lower-cost die sizes with the same on-resistance resulting in more compact systems. Furthermore, the MDmesh K6 series, thanks to the lower threshold voltage VGS(th) with respect to the previous generation, allows to bring down the driving voltage reducing power losses.


These power MOSFETS belong to the STPOWER family.


Key features

  • Industry’s best RDS(on) for 800V voltage range
  • High switching speed
  • Lower VGS(th)
  • Lowest Qg


Key benefits

  • High efficiency with lower design complexity
  • Specifically tailored for flyback topology applications