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STPOWER GaN Transistors are highly efficient transistors based on gallium nitride (GaN), a relatively new wide bandgap compound that provides real added value in power conversion solutions.

The major challenge of power electronics today is dealing with the growing need for improved efficiency and power performance and at the same time, the constant pursuit of cost and size reductions.

The introduction of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology moves in this direction and, as it becomes increasingly available commercially, its use in power conversion applications is growing. 

With a better figure-of-merit (FOM), on-resistance (RDS(on)), and total gate charge (QG) than silicon counterparts, GaN power transistors also offer an high drain to source voltage capability, zero (or negligible in the case of cascoded devices) reverse recovery charge and very low intrinsic capacitances. The leading solution for improving efficiency in power conversion applications, GaN technology makes it possible to meet the most stringent energy requirements along with higher power densities as it can work at much higher frequencies, thus reducing the system size. STPOWER GaN transistors represent a real breakthrough in industrial and automotive applications for efficiency and high frequency solutions.

Advantages of GaN transistors

Higher efficiency Higher power density Reinventing power
Greener world Smaller products Smarter design



A growing GaN transistor portfolio

ST’s portfolio includes 3 different PowerGaN product types:

  • GaN e-mode transistors
    These intrinsically normally off, p-GaN gate e-mode transistors offer a zero reverse recovery charge perfectly suited for very high frequency applications. ST's G-HEMT™ series will be available with 650V and 100V drain to source voltage rating. Discover our G-HEMT™ 650 V  GaN HEMT portfolio. 
  • GaN FET
    Cascoded GaN die with a low-voltage MOSFET and naturally “off” packaged devices, ST’s GaN FET devices have the advantage of using standard gate drivers designed for MOSFET devices. Our G-FET™ devices will be available with a 650 V and 900 V drain to source voltage rating.
  • GaN switch with embedded gate driver
    Easy to implement, fully leveraging GaN’s speed performance, ST’s G-DRIVE™ is a 650V SiP that integrates driver and safety functions, reducing design complexity and BOM costs.
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