Lightning surge protection

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ST’s lightning surge protection devices are available as discrete or integrated solutions and comply with well-known telecom standards throughout the world:

  • Telcordia GR-1089 core and TIA-968-A (formerly FCC part 68) for the Americas
  • ITU-T K series for the rest of the world
  • YDT series for China which is based on the ITU-T K standards

ST’s power surge and overcurrent protectors, including crowbar diodes and ICs, or Trisils™, bring immunity and reliability to both general and specific telecom equipment, covering twisted pairs, CO/CP, set-top boxes, gateways, line cards, T1/E1, Ethernet, EPON, GPON, XDSL modems and voice band protection where lightning surges can cause damage.

In addition, a variety of packages are provided, bringing flexibility to designers and reliability to the application.

Lightning surge protection portfolio