Automotive EMI filters with integrated ESD protection

ST EMI Filters for Automotive applications are qualified as per AEC-Q101 and are compliant with IEC 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605.

Thanks to ST EMI filter integration level, electronic system designers can save PCB space compared to equivalent discrete solutions while strengthening their application’s immunity against electrostatic discharges and EMI noise.

Main applications for EMI filters in automotive

Required in applications including infotainment, audio, display, and motor control, these devices are designed to:

  • avoid RF antenna desense in applications, so to prevent the dataline harmonics from coupling with the RF antenna 
  • remove high-frequency harmonics, voltage ringing, overshoots and undershoots

Benefits of ST’s EMI filters in automotive

They help to ensure a successful certification for:

  • CISPR-25, international standard for radio disturbance characteristics
  • 2004/104/EC European standard for radiated emission and immunity
  • SAE J1113/41 for North America markets