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ST33 Secure Microcontrollers for SIM & eSIM, NFC, M2M, Automotive and TPM applications

The ST33 secure microcontroller family is designed to meet advanced security and performance requirements for applications including NFC-SIM, NFC embedded secure element, embedded SIM and machine-to-machine for industrial and automotive markets.

With the latest ARM® SecurCore® SC300 32-bit RISC processor and an architecture optimized for high performance, the ST33 platform offers large memory capacity, multiple communication interfaces and certified cryptographic libraries in different form factors including wafers, SIM modules, DFN and WLCSP packages.

Major Milestone for ST33 Secure Chips with Over One Billion Sold to Secure the Connected World

STMicroelectronics has recorded cumulative sales of over one billion units for its ST33 embedded-security ICs.

The popularity of the ST33 family reflects the growing imperative to protect data and systems in secure mobile-consumer, smart-driving, smart-industry and smart-cities applications.

ST33 have been selected by major smartphone OEMs to deploy new eSIM based devices, taking advantage of a smaller and thinner WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) package and GSMA SAS-UP certified Personalization-on-Wafer industrial flow.

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