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Advanced NFC controller and Secure Element single die

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Product overview


The ST54L is a single-die solution integrating a contactless front-end (ST54L_CLF) and a secure element (ST54L_SE). It is designed for integration in mobile devices and NFC-compliant products.

  • All features

      • Single die integrating an NFC controller (contactless front-end - CLF) and a secure element (SE)
      • Small package WLCSP90, ECOPACK-compliant
    • NFC controller
      • Arm® Cortex®-M3 microcontroller
      • 100% re-flashing capability for firmware update
      • Enhanced active load modulation technology
      • Enhanced Tx drive up to 2W
      • Support of external DC/DC up to 5.5 V
      • Highest output power with optimized power transfer
      • Optimized for extremely small or metal frame antennas
      • Optimized Low-power consumption modes
      • Selectable ultralow power hibernate state
      • Battery voltage monitoring
      • Proprietary in-frame synchronization (IFS) in card emulation (CE) to ensure stability in battery low and switched off modes
      • Improved XOR mode on all technologies
      • OOFS with external reference clock in CE
      • System clock
        • Fractional-N PLL input range of 19.2 to 76.8 MHz
        • Support of multiple external crystal oscillator (27.12 MHz and 54.24 MHz)
      • 32.768 kHz, 16MHz and 32MHz support for EMC tests
      • Automatic wakeup via communication interfaces, GPIO, RF field or tag detection and power supply detection
    • RF communications
      • Active and passive peer-to-peer
        • ISO/IEC 18092 - NFCIP-1 initiator and target
      • Reader/writer mode
        • NFC Forum™ Type 1/2/3/4/5 tags
        • FeliCa™
        • ISO/IEC 15693
        • MIFARE®1
      • Card emulation mode
        • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A & B
        • FeliCa™
        • Intelligent Card Switching
        • MIFARE®
    • Communication interfaces
      • I3C interfaces:
        • ST54L_CLF: 1 target up to 12.9 MHz, 1 controller - target up to 12.9 MHz, 1 controller up to 12.9 MHz
        • ST54L_SE: 1 target up to 12.9 MHz, 1 target up to 10 MHz, 1 controller - target up to 12.9 MHz
      • SPI interface:
        • ST54L_CLF: 1 master up to 17 MHz, 1 master (up to 17 MHz) - slave (up to 26 MHz)
        • ST54L_SE:
        • 1 slave up to 26 MHz
        • 1 master (up to 21 MHz) - slave (up to 26 MHz)
      • I2C interface supporting standard, Fast, and Fast+ modes.
      • SWP master interfaces up to 1.695 Mbit/s:
        • 2 SWP UICC support
        • 1 SWP external SE support
      • ISO/IEC 7816-3 interface
      • GPIOs
      • Dedicated Chip Enable pins for the ST54L_SE/ST54L_CLF
    • Secure microcontroller
      • Arm® Cortex® M35P 32-bit RISC core
      • 3.3 Mbytes of flash memory
      • 4 Kbytes memory cache
      • 100 Kbytes of user RAM
      • Selectable ultralow power hibernate and standby states
      • Supports state-of-the-art secure element operating systems
      • CC EAL6+ certification
      • Hardware security-enhanced DES & AES accelerators
      • MIFARE Classic®1 cryptography hardware accelerator
      • NESCRYPT coprocessor for public key cryptography algorithm
      • Supports embedded-SIM (eSIM) applications in compliance with the GSMA specification
      • Secure ranging support in connection with an external UWB sub-system
    • Electrical characteristics
      • Battery voltage support from 2.4 V to 5.1 V
      • I/O dedicated voltage level (VPS_IO): 1.2 V and 1.8 V compatibility
      • Supports Class B and C operating conditions for UICC – Class D ready
      • Ambient operating temperature -30 to + 85 °C

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