Electrical Sensing Solutions

Electricity metering systems measure energy consumption, monitor its quality and communicate this information from meter to concentrator or cloud, so that utilities can better manage the use of energy by means of load management.  Real-time reporting of electricity measurement improves consumer awareness leading to waste reduction thus lower expenses. The data obtained through the use of smart electricity meters enables utility companies and energy distributors to optimize power distribution losses across the grid. The results are lower costs, higher reliability, reduced tampering and carbon emissions.

Our products and solutions

ST's solutions for smart electricity meter designs ST has a comprehensive range of multi-protocol programmable Power Line Communication modem solutions that comply with standards including G3-PLC, Prime, Meters and More and are already used in more than 100 million smart electricity meters worldwide. 

In addition, we can help designers using our unique system-level application know-how and a wide range of semiconductor products, including energy metering ICs, long- and short-range wireless connectivity solutions, 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers as well as high-efficiency power supply and management devices, sensors, EEPROMs, secure elements and protection devices.