Image Sensing Solutions

ST high performance image sensors feature low noise and High Dynamic range characteristics allowing to capture scenes in extreme light conditions. With such a high dynamic range (135dB) these image sensors are especially immune to complex scene where the illumination is uneven, like in industrial environments for videosurveillance and security systems, and in ADAS automotive applications such as in-cabin driver assistance and outdoor scenes capture for road signalization monitoring. ST provides also companion ISP chip to build a complete HDR camera solution, with high quality images or video streaming. Besides image sensors, ST can offer dedicated MEMS gyroscopes for image stabilization, a technique that reduce blurring associated with the motion of cameras or other imaging devices during exposure. This technique is today widely used in a broad range of consumer devices, including smartphones, tablets, standalone cameras, drones, but it could find potential application also in industrial and automotive to stabilize images in case of vibrations.