Design Win

A compact trunk control solution

Solution Description

The electrification megatrend is transforming the automotive industry. With the rapid development of these advanced technologies, more and more body and convenience applications are electrifying actuators that used to be manual.  One of the many automotive applications benefiting from vehicle electrification is the power tailgate module.

This solution describes an independent ECU based on an SPC58 2B Line automotive MCU and an L99DZ200G door zone systems IC. The L99DZ200G is a single-chip IC able to control the two motors required to raise and lower the tailgate as well as a third motor used to lock the trunk. It can also drive two strings of LEDs; one for lighting the inside of the trunk when it is open and the other for lighting the vehicle's license plate.

To achieve a higher level of safety, a service key mechanism is provided. This safety feature consists of a continuous communication interaction between the SPC58 2B Line automotive MCU and the L99DZ200G multi-motor driver and is concurrent with all the other communications between the two. To ensure safety around the tailgate door zone, the correct service key conditions must be satisfied within a temporal window that is configurable in real time. When the service key fails, the L99DZ200G switches off all outputs and enters a fail-safe mode