Design Win

Cost-effective and highly integrated AWS IoT qualified Alexa Voice Service design

Solution Description

This Amazon-qualified solution allows the rapid integration of Alexa Voice services into embedded devices.

It enables end products to deliver enhanced user experience through best-in-class natural language-based voice user interface and additional Amazon AWS based services.

The solution is based on the STM32H7 high-performance MCU, which runs 

  • the audio front end for far-field and noisy environment support
  • local wake word detection
  • full Amazon connectivity stack
  • audio output, and over-the-air-upgrade

with no additional external memory requirements.

The reference design is complemented with high-quality MP23DB MEMS microphone, FDA903D audio amplifier and a Wi-Fi subsystem implemented in bypass mode.

  • Key Product Benefits

    High-performance STM32H7 MCU

    This highly integrated MCU has the performance of an ARM Cortex-M7 core and flash capacity to manage high-end cloud-based voice UI functionality, including fast wake word detection, advanced audio front end (AFE), and full connectivity stack on a cost- effective LQFP 100-pin package, without additional peripheral or memory requirements.

    Amazon fully qualified software reference design

    The qualified software for Amazon AVS for AWS IoT is fully functional and free of charge, except for the evaluation version of the Alexa wake word component, which requires Amazon licensing in a final product.

    High quality MP23DB01HP MEMS microphone

    The ultra-compact, low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone consists of a capacitive sensing element and an IC interface with stereo operation capability. The device has a very high AOP in performance mode, a sensitivity range of ±1 dB and a high SNR for all operating modes

    Powerful FDA903D audio amplifier 

    This high efficiency 45 W single bridge class-D amplifier with I2S input includes a high-performance D/A converter with performance output MOSFET.

  • All Features

    • Highly integrated Amazon-qualified AVS for AWS IoT reference design
    • Amazon-qualified acoustic far-field and noisy environment support
    • A two microphone-mems-based advanced audio front end with mics spacing down to 25 mm
    • Maximum integration and cost-effectiveness with <$10 POS BOM in volume