Rad-Hard Diodes and Rectifiers

Rad-hard ESCC qualified Schottky diodes and rectifiers

ST is currently upgrading its aerospace diode portfolio of ESCC qualified rad-hard and hi-rel Schottky diodes and bipolar rectifiers. This new generation of space power diodes offers enhanced electrical and radiation performance along with higher voltages. The portfolio is optimized by guaranteeing for each product a maximum forward voltage drop (VF) of up to 4 different current values. This allows users to optimize their design by using realistic worst case conditions.

Featured for rad-hard power

With a range from 40V / 1A to 150V / 80A, ST's recent space-qualified power Schottky diodes come with a radiation guarantee based on characterization, with total ionization dose (TID) up to 3 Mrad(Si) and SEB immunity at 70 MeV.cm2/mg up to their maximum authorized VRRM. These significantly enlarge upward the ability for space designers to take advantage of the lower VF of Schottky diodes to design higher efficiency products.

Our new ESCC-qualified ultrafast recovery rectifiers and switching diodes offer a lower forward voltage, for 200 V as well as 400 V products, ensuring very good performance for robust space solutions and other applications working in harsh environments.

ST's aerospace diodes and rectifiers are proposed in high-quality ceramic hermetic packages, with both through-hole and surface-mount packages, including TO-254AA, SMD.5, and SMD1 packages as well as a LCC2x footprint compatible with D5-x packages.