Rad-Hard Logic ICs

ST offers a large selection of rad-hard logic ICs for space applications, including:

  • High-speed CMOS
  • 5 V high-speed CMOS
  • 4000 CMOS series
  • HCMOS very low voltage bus interfaces

ST AC logic and VCX 16-bit bus interfaces now with QML-V qualified grounded lid versions

As standards become more stringent for satellites, it is now generally required that all components' metallic parts, including lid, frame and exposed pad, are connected to a fixed potential to prevent the accumulation of charges that could affect the device.

To help ensure that satellite manufacturers meet these requirements, ST's rad-hard logic ICs are now available in a ceramic flat package with grounded lid, with gold or solder dip lead finish.

By upgrading these legacy series in addition to transferring them to an ST 6’’ wafer fab, ST confirms its longevity commitment for supplying the space industry.

The switch to the new grounded lid versions is made as easy as possible while allowing full traceability by making them new variants of the legacy SMD, with the grounding as its sole change.