Ultrasound Pulser ICs and HV Multiplexers

ST's ultrasound imaging IC solutions offer a complete range of integrated high-voltage transmitters and HV multiplexers.

Optimized for portable ultrasound topologies, the STHVUP series, a very integrated ultrasound transmitter solution, will enhance the portability of your ultrasound point-of-care systems. You will find also the state-of-the art STHV1600 ultrasound pulser IC, the STHV200 ultrasound linear transmit IC, and high-voltage multiplexer ICs.

ST's proprietary BCD6s-SOI and BCD8sSOI process technologies enable the combination of low-voltage CMOS logic, precise analog circuitry and robust power stages on the same chip, offering unprecedented level of integration.

Typical applications:

  • Ultra-portable ultrasound imaging
  • Medical ultrasound imaging
  • Point-of-care ultrasound imaging
  • Non-destructive testing equipment
  • Pulse waveform generator
  • Sonar and radar systems
  • Other piezoelectric, capacitive or MEMS transducers