Standard Thyristors (SCR)

From 6 to 60 A, and from 600 to 1200 V, ST's range of standard (125 °C) SCRs are available in a wide variety of thru-hole and surface mount packages. They are also available in surface-mount D²PAK packages for high switching power density. Standard Thyristors (SCR) belong to our STPOWER family.

In SMPS designs, SCRs are used to control the inrush current to save space and eliminate acoustic noise from relays.

The easy 10 to 50 mA gate triggering drive, the ruggedness and reliability of the component's high-voltage power line switching is key to its widespread use.

The span of applications is the widest of all thyristors, from the undefined loads of switching task of the SSR circuit to the targeted voltage regulators found in motorbikes, mopeds, and tuk-tuks.

You can directly access to the 600 V, 800 V or 1200 V product families by clicking on below overview map.

Repetitive peak off-state voltage (V)
Repetitive peak off-state voltage (V)