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Silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR), also known as thyristors, are symmetrical blocking unidirectional switching devices. Thyristors are designed in back-to-back AC circuits, resonant-pulse mode converters and rectifier-bridge converters.

With RMS current ratings up to 80 A and voltage ratings up to 1200 V, ST’s SCRs are available in a large range of through-hole and surface-mount packages.

ST's thyristor (SCR) portfolio features:

  • Logic-level SCRs, easy to drive thanks to their very low gate trigger current.
  • Standard SCRs, ideal for general-purpose switching applications, such as and AC-AC or AC-DC motor control.
  • High-temperature SCRs, extend SCR application operation up to 150 °C, while offering improved dynamic performance. Includes automotive-grade versions.

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