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Logic Level 8A TRIAC

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Available in through-hole full pack package, the T810T-8FP Triac can be used for the on/off or phase angle control function in general purpose AC switching. This device can be directly driven by a microcontroller due to its 10 mA gate current requirement. Provide UL certified insulation rated at 2000 VRMS.

  • All features

    • Medium current Triac
    • Three quadrants
    • ECOPACK®2 and RoHS compliant component
    • Complies with UL standards (File ref: E81734)
    • High performance Triac:
      • High Tj family
      • High dI/dt family
      • High dV/dt family
    • Insulated package TO-220FPAB:
      • Insulated voltage: 2000 VRMS

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STMicroelectronics - T810T-8FP

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