6LoWPAN Products

Designed to break down the barriers to using IPv6 in low-power, processing-limited embedded devices over low-bandwidth wireless networks, 6LoWPAN is ideal for energy-sensitive applications that need to connect to the Cloud.

An open standard defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), 6LoWPAN transmits IPv6 datagrams over low-power wireless mesh networks targeting residential and office automation, smart grid, industrial monitoring, and other applications that require wireless internet connectivity at lower data rates.

ST offers a complete portfolio of Sub-1 GHz programmable transceiver ICs and RF modules for 6LoWPAN connectivity.

To help developers get started with their designs, a development ecosystem with sub-1 GHz connectivity solutions and hardware tools including a software design kit for use with a wide selection of evaluation boards.

A free-of-charge implementation of Contiki/Contiki-NG OS-based applications is also available to help reduce your time to market.