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50 Ω ultra thin balun with integrated harmonic filter

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Product overview


This device is an ultraminiature extra thin balun that integrates matching network and harmonics filter.

Matching impedance has been customized for the nRF51822-CTAA and CTAC WLCSP Nordic Semiconductor circuits.

Based on IPD technology on high resistivity silicium it optimizes the RF performance.

The BALF-NRF01J5 has been tested and approved by Nordic Semiconductor.

STMicroelectronics qualified this product intended to be used in System in Package module based on standard reliability procedure. For more details, please contact ST representatives.

It is the responsibility of the customer to perform qualification reliability verifications as it is related to customer specific application / mission profile and module design / process.

  • All features

    • 50 Ω nominal input / conjugate match to Nordic Semiconductor chips nRF51822 WLCSP
    • Low insertion loss
    • Low amplitude imbalance
    • Low phase imbalance
    • Small footprint: < 1.2 mm2
    • Extra low profile < 350 μm after reflow
    • High RF performance
    • RF BOM and area reduction

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STMicroelectronics - BALF-NRF01J5

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