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Sub-GHz (868 or 915 MHz) low power programmable RF transceiver modules

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Product overview


The SPSGRF-868 and SPSGRF-915 are easy-to-use, low power sub-GHz modules based on the SPIRIT1 RF transceiver, operating respectively in the 868 MHz SRD and 915 MHz ISM bands.

The modules provide a complete RF platform in a tiny form factor.

The SPSGRF series enables wireless connectivity in electronic devices, requiring no RF experience or expertise for integration into the final product. As an FCC, IC, and CE certified solution, the SPSGRF series optimizes the time-to-market of end applications. The SPSGRF-915 is an FCC certified module (FCC ID: S9NSPSGRF) and IC certified (IC 8976C-SPSGRF), while the SPSGRF-868 is certified CE.

The modules are designed for maximum performance in minimal space and include 4 programmable I/O pins and SPI serial interfaces.

  • All features

    • Programmable radio features
      • Based on Sub-1GHz SPIRIT1 transceiver and integrated Balun (BALF-SPI-01D3)
      • Modulation schemes: 2-FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, OOk, ASK
      • Air data rate from 1 to 500 kbps
      • On-board antenna
      • Operating temperature range from -40 °C to 85 °C
    • RF features
      • Receiver sensitivity: -118 dBm
      • Programmable RF output power up to +11.6 dBm
    • Host interface
      • SPI
    • General I/O
      • Up to 32 programmable I/O functions on 4 GPIO programmable module pins
    • Two typical carrier frequency versions:
      • SPSGRF-868 with 868 MHz tuned antenna
      • SPSGRF-915 with 915 MHz tuned antenna
    • Certification:
      • CE (SPSGRF-868)
      • FCC (SPSGRF-915)
      • IC (SPSGRF-915)

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