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Sales & Marketing, R&D, manufacturing operations, supply chain, product development and support functions.

Sales & Marketing

Passionate about helping customers with their challenges and contributing to their success?

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Research & Development

Our R&D teams operate at the leading edge, building the foundations that make everything possible.

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Manufacturing operations

Be part of a team that ensures our operations remain state of the art, while minimizing their impact on the environment.

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Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing

Join us to offer customers the flexibility and supply security they need, without compromising on our high social, environmental and health & safety standards.

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Support functions

Choose from a wide range of job opportunities and become an active partner to our business operations across the globe.

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Product Development

Become part of a team turning leading-edge semiconductor technology into products and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

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As a global company, we have opportunities all around the world.

As a global company, we have opportunities all around the world.

Lots of exciting positions, in lots of exciting places. Discover where your next job at ST could take you.

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See where you could become part of our team.

See where you could become part of our team.

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