What we believe in

What we believe in

We are one ST, everywhere

At STMicroelectronics, we are proud to be a global company that offers an open and connected work environment, and above all, proud of our diversity comprising 48,000 people with 115+ nationalities, forming one entity with a world of possibilities.
Wherever we are and whatever our profession, we are all members of the same team: One ST.

We are shaping tomorrow's world

When we invent new technologies, we shape the world. When we push the boundaries of innovation, we shape the world. When we put peoples’ energy into a project, we shape the world. When we use our sustainability expertise to design responsible products, we shape the world.
We enable our customers, consumers and employees to get more from technology so everyone can get more from life.

We embrace our values: people, integrity, excellence

Throughout its history, our company has been respected for its resilience, stability, and loyalty, and driven by strong values and ethics. Each day we live our values.
We believe that conducting our business with empowered people while respecting the highest standards of integrity is essential to providing quality and customer satisfaction and contributes to our long-term success.

Sustainability is in our DNA

We have been acting responsibly since our creation in 1987 when we released our first business ethics code of conduct.
We approach sustainability by addressing the opportunities and challenges associated with the long-term trends reshaping our societies. Our technologies are enablers of safer, greener mobility, advanced power & energy management, and systems and devices that are at the heart of the IoT & 5G.
We are a recognized leader because of the way we make things happen. Come and join us, and judge for yourself.