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Bring the 'mobile home' concept to life

Li Auto, a premium new energy automaker, has been making waves with its impressive expansion, achieving a staggering 182.2% growth in 2023. As a pioneer in China's automotive industry, the company stepped in with a range of hybrid and now fully electric vehicles, prioritizing the needs of families. From the beginning, Li Auto established ST as a trusted partner for delivering increasingly compact power modules and smart technologies that create superior cockpit and driving experiences.

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  • Design low-carbon vehicles
  • Make luxury SUVs and MPVs accessible to the family segment
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  • High-voltage SiC power devices to extend driving mileage, and improve efficiency and performance
  • Vast choice of MCUs, power drivers, MOSFETs, and more, along with Zonal Control Unit products to improve smart driving comfort and convenience
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  • Decarbonization of the luxury fleet
  • Conscious comfort for families 

As the automotive industry rapidly shifts towards innovative new energy vehicles,
Li Auto has partnered with ST to bring groundbreaking ideas to life.

Shen Qun, Procurement Director, Supply Chain, Li Auto

Lead the adoption of 800 V SiC technology in China

Li Auto is leading the adoption of 800 V SiC technology in China, which will power its future electric SUVs and result in up to 12% energy savings. Li Auto settled on ST’s advanced third-generation 1200 V SiC MOSFET together with ST’s isolated gate driver IC to power the traction inverter of its 800 V BEV platform, and ensure industry-leading process stability and performance, efficiency, and reliability. Through close collaboration with ST in the inverter product field and extended driving range, Li Auto has successfully brought the 'mobile home' concept to life.

This direct cooperation has been instrumental in addressing new and unique challenges in creating our cars as a "mobile home" that brings “happiness” to our customers.

Shen Qun, Procurement Director, Supply Chain, Li Auto

Create a “mobile home” and “happiness” for families

Beyond just providing cleaner and greater mobility, the Chinese carmaker has been the first to break away from traditional premium vehicles, prioritizing family needs. The company’s "Car Electrification & Digitalization Strategy" aims to enhance comfort and convenience during vehicle use, ultimately creating “happiness” for families. To achieve this goal, Li Auto placed a strong emphasis on intelligent cockpit and autonomous driving. ST's extensive portfolio, including a vast choice of MCUs, power drivers, MOSFETs, along with Zonal Control Unit products, played a crucial role in realizing this level of "happiness". 

Software now drives the soul of our vehicles, and software is carried by semiconductor chips.

Shen Qun, Procurement Director, Supply Chain, Li Auto

The benefits of a direct partnership model

This direct partnership model with an integrated device manufacturer —a novelty in the automotive industry—has enabled Li Auto’s engineers to select the optimal chip for a specific application. As Li Auto's delivery volumes grow, there will be a greater need for customizing, and developing product specifications to ensure a higher level of compatibility when selecting components. In such cases, a direct cooperation model will prove to be even more fruitful.

By collaborating with ST in areas such as electric drives, we not only accelerate our software innovations, but also amplify the value we can offer to our users.

Shen Qun, Procurement Director, Supply Chain, Li Auto

About Li Auto

Li Auto Inc. is a leader in China’s new energy vehicle market. The Company designs, develops, manufactures, and sells premium smart electric vehicles. Its mission: Create a Mobile Home, Create Happiness. 

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