High and low side drivers/switches

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    ST VIPower (vertical intelligent power) technology for automotive applications integrates the following features on a single chip:
  • digital and analog control driving
  • vertical power MOSFET
  • advanced monitoring features
  • protection circuits.

These features help improve overall application integration and power density, as well as high reliability.


Smart switches based on VIPower technology are designed to control a wide range of loads for automotive applications in both high- and low-side topologies.

Product types:

Protected against overtemperature, overcurrent, overvoltage, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) conditions, our high-side and low-side switches are designed to work in the -40 to +150°C temperature range and meet or exceed automotive industry requirements.

The new M0-9 SPI product family features full digital diagnostics with embedded ADC for load current sensing. These new devices implement sophisticated software logic that also simplifies AUTOSAR compatibility.

STi2Fuse devices also feature wire harness protection on top of the typical high-side driver functions.

The configurable low-/high-side are manufactured with ST BCD architecture, and all devices in this family are ISO26262 compliant for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic devices in automotive systems.

Multiple solutions with configurable high-side and low-side switches housed in a single IC. 4-, 6-, 8-channel high-side or low-side drivers with RDS(ON) from 300 to 750 mΩ in a wide range of packages. This family also includes 8-channels predrivers configurable as high-side or low-side drivers.
Single-, dual-, and quad-channel with RDS(ON) from 4 to 80 mΩ housed in a PowerSSO-16 package and fully pin-to-pin compatibility with the previous HSD family. This family features very high precision current sensing and integrates advanced protective functions.
This family of products in M0-5 technology is intended for 24 V applications. It includes single- and dual-channel devices with RDS(ON) from 6 to 100 mΩ in various package options. These devices are ideal for the harsher environments encountered in heavier vehicle classes such as trucks.
Quad- and hexa-channel with RDS(ON) from to 100 mΩ in QFN 6x6 package. This family is designed to meet the needs of smart vehicles with new zonal architectures for increasingly advanced functions.
Single- and dual-channel integrated low-side switches with a wide RDS(ON) range from 10 to 300 mΩ and various package options. Optional 20 kHz switching capability or dedicated diagnostic pin.

The STi2Fuse family replaces standard melting fuses in automotive power distribution systems and supports greater electrification and additional functions for smart driving.

Tools for High and Low Side Drivers/Switches


  • Full set of diagnostic for load current, battery voltage, and chip temperature
  • High flexibility and configurability
  • Advanced diagnostic and protection functionalities
  • Limp home mode for the new devices (L9026-L9800)
  • High power density

Find the right VIPower device in just few clicks!

Try the new smart selector and find the right low/high-side switch or H-bridge for your car body application. Just set a few parameters such as voltage, topology, number of channels or type of loads, or even source type and temperature, and find the perfect fit for your design. Then, download our TwisterSIM thermal/electrical simulator to view detailed thermal info or simply to test specific corner conditions.

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Next-generation VIPower M0-7 intelligent high-side switches

The latest series of high-side drivers, built on VIPower M0-7 technology, offer higher power density, greater accuracy in critical diagnostic and new protection features. This series covers a wide spectrum of RDS(on) values (up to 140 mΩ) and package options, ensuring design scalability. Additional features include:

  • Configurable auto-restart or latch-off protection against hazardous conditions
  • Multiplexed analog current sense for load current diagnostic
  • Ultra-low power consumption (0.5 μA standby current max)
  • Ultra-compact Power-SSO packages
  • Extreme low voltage operation for deep cold cranking applications.