Our strategic programs

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R&D investment. 12% of our revenues in 2022.

Facilities. 14 main manufacturing sites.

Capital expenditure. ~$4.11B in 2023.

We are continuously investing in our proprietary technologies and sustainable manufacturing facilities.

A key enabler for your innovation

We are investing in competitive proprietary technologies and in-house manufacturing to deliver a unique portfolio of differentiated solutions supported by a robust and flexible supply chain.

300 mm wafer capacity expansion

Agrate, Crolles

We are strengthening our unique 300 mm wafer digital manufacturing capacity in Crolles (France) and expanding our 300 mm capability to analog with a new facility in Agrate (Italy). These investments support our customers worldwide as they transition to digitalization and decarbonization.

Target for 2025


our 300 mm capacity compared to 2022.



New fab staff and jobs across the Crolles ecosystem.

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Wide bandgap capacity expansion

Catania, Singapore, Norrköping, Tours

We are significantly expanding the silicon carbide (SiC) capacity in our Catania (Italy) and Singapore fabs, as well as through partnerships. We are also accelerating our vertical integration through new integrated SiC substrate manufacturing in Catania.
We are investing in gallium nitride (GaN) technology, building capabilities, and capacity to support our business ambitions.

Silicon carbide


capacity between 2022 and 2025.

Vertical integration

> 40%

SiC substrate in-sourcing by 2024.

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Manufacturing programs Maps

Collaboration with leading foundries and OSAT partners.

We collaborate with leading foundries and outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) partners to enable access to selected technologies such as leading-edge digital technologies and packages to complement our portfolio.
Examples include TSMC for FinFET technology, Samsung Foundries and GlobalFoundries for the FD-SOI ecosystem, and ASE and AMKOR for advanced BGA and WLCSP packages.

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