03 Mar 2016 | Geneva

STMicroelectronics Redefines Power-Conversion Efficiency with New Technology/Packaging Solution for MOSFET Transistors

Geneva / 03 Mar 2016

The latest MDmesh™ DM2 N-channel Power MOSFET transistors from STMicroelectronics create new opportunities for power-supply designers to achieve greater efficiency in low-voltage power supplies for computers, telecom networks, industrial, and consumer devices.

As people around the world acquire, store, and share a rapidly increasing amount of digital data such as e-books, videos, photographs, and music files, the need to minimize energy consumption in the huge server farms that host the cloud, in the telecom networks that provide the means to connect anyone to anything, and where the data is ultimately used, continues to increase. ST is addressing this challenge with the world's best power-density1 solution, which combines the most advanced power-transistor structure with a compact, cost-effective, and thermally-efficient PowerFLAT 8x8 HV packaging technology.

ST's new power-transistor family comprises a wide range of super-junction Power MOSFETs with integrated fast-recovery diodes and breakdown voltages up to 650V. The combination of technical parameters - low gate charge, input capacitance and resistance, fast recovery phase of the intrinsic diode, very low recovery charge (Qrr) and recovery time (Trr) and the industry's best soft-switching performance2 - place the new devices ahead of competitive offerings.

ST’s new MDmesh™ DM2 Power MOSFET devices are available now in multiple package/breakdown-voltage combinations, with pricing from $1.55 for 1ku volumes.

For further information please go to www.st.com/mdmeshdm2

1 Power density refers to how effectively the AC mains power supply can be converted into low-voltage DC power with the minimum wasted energy while occupying the smallest physical space. 

2 Soft Switching is a power supply approach that turns the controlling MOSFETs on or off under the most favourable conditions, such as when the controlling signal is close to zero.