STMicroelectronics to Exhibit Latest Solutions from Network-Edge Embedded Systems to Cloud Connections at ET West 2018

Tokyo / 02 Jul 2018

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will exhibit its leading-edge products and solutions at Embedded Technology West 2018 (July 5-6, 2018; Grand Front Osaka, Osaka, Japan). In the booth, ST will showcase its latest semiconductor offerings for processing, sensing, motor control and power management, and connectivity for the range of IoT embedded systems; the booth will also feature a humanoid robot developed by ST.

With the growth of the IoT, many embedded systems have become network edges and need to send massive volumes of data to servers for centralized processing. This has led to calls for solutions to reduce the load on communication lines and cloud servers. At ET West 2018, ST will demonstrate an embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution using a high-performance STM32 microcontroller that can be used to build an IoT model topology with distributed processing at the network edge. In this demonstration, compact AI, running on an STM32, will show its ability to distinguish images on a screen and voices from operators. By giving network-edge embedded systems some processing functionality, this embedded AI reduces the load on lines and servers and enables innovative services performed more efficiently.

Sensing is a very important function block for gathering data at the network edges. The ST booth will feature MEMS sensors that can be used in embedded systems across the spectrum of industrial and consumer devices. Of note, ST will demonstrate an industrial sensor for Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry covered by ST’s 10-year product longevity assurance. These sensors have high measurement resolution and stability, and are able to maintain accuracy over the long term across a wide range of temperatures. ST will also introduce a compact (3.3 x 3.3mm) pressure sensor, waterproof to ten atmospheres. Using a special gel to seal the sensor elements and ASIC, this pressure sensor is suitable for wearable devices and outdoor terminals that often come into contact with water.

The network-edge embedded systems also include many embedded systems with functions that drive a motor, including industrial devices for factory automation, home appliances, and other applications. ST will demonstrate a stepping motor driver integrated in a 3D printer. The 4MHz step-clock input frequency for this motor driver is extremely high, and the ST motor control can accurately micro-step in 1/256 increments. This optimizes the performance of the 3D printer and assures high-speed printing and a smooth surface finish. Furthermore, for brushless DC motors, a demo will show RPM control for a drone propeller using a motor controller with an Arm® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller.

Connectivity technology is essential for sending data gathered by multiple network-edge embedded systems to the cloud via a gateway and to control network edges from the host side. At the ST booth, demo operators will control LED lighting using a network built from ST’s Bluetooth® low energy application processor and software compliant with Bluetooth mesh networking specifications. This combination of ST hardware and software can contribute to shorten time-to-market for smart home and building systems, among other applications. Another connectivity approach, using LPWAN technology, provides low-power wireless communication over a wide area, and ST will demonstrate secure wireless data transfer through the integration of a sub-GHz IC to support Sigfox and a secure microcontroller.

Robots could also be network-edge embedded systems and include highly advanced integration of the main functions of embedded systems. ST’s broad product portfolio for robots suits applications for industry, healthcare, education, and other fields. The ST booth will host a robot demo that features 47 ST products including STM32 MCUs, motion sensors to detect posture, digital compasses, ToF sensors to measure distance to obstacles and detect gestures, pressure sensors and temperature sensors to acquire environmental information, MEMS micro-mirrors to project images, MEMS microphones, and Bluetooth low energy network processors for external communication. ST has developed the Robot with Asratec Corp., a leading robotic control systems company, using the ROBOTIS OP2 open platform from ROBOTIS Co., Ltd.

Other ST boards and demos displayed at the show include ToF ranging sensors, wireless charger ICs, and NFC/UHF reader ICs. In addition, to support IoT device prototyping, ST will give away STM32 Nucleo 32-bit MCU development boards and X-NUCLEO expansion boards with motion and environmental sensors, MEMS microphones, RF ICs, ranging sensors, motor drivers, and NFC tags with PWM at the booth.

To see all of these demonstrations, visit STMicroelectronics at Embedded Technology West 2018 (July 5-6, 2018, at Grand Front Osaka).

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