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As one of the world's leading suppliers of power management solutions, ST wireless battery charger ICs cover all major standards and technologies across a complete portfolio of transmitter and receiver chipsets.

Compliant by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)

They are optimized for different applications and are compliant with Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi and other major wireless charging standards.

Our advanced wireless battery charging solutions currently feature in applications ranging from high-power systems like smartphones, to mid- and low-power wearables and hearables.

ST wireless power solutions enable high-power charging at improved speeds and contribute to better overall user experience. The critical safety features ensure producer and user peace-of-mind when implementing wireless charging solutions.

Your competitive advantages with ST wireless charger ICs

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  • Market proven wireless power ICs implemented by the largest smartphone markers in the world
  • Innovative solutions with industry-first features
  • Fast time-to-market optimized by our unique wireless power software and development environment
  • Highest wireless power IC performance from the inventor of BCD technology used by chipmakers around the world
  • Strong partnerships with Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the largest wireless power coil makers

Our wireless power ICs continue to gain popularity in smartphones, tablets, and wearable applications such as TWS earbuds, sports watches, smart watches, and fitness trackers.

No charging ports increases product reliability with better protection from water and dust, and delivers a true wireless experience without compromising energy efficiency and thermal performance.

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  • How ST tools can facilitate development of wireless charging systems up to 50 W

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Turnkey solutions: end-to-end efficiency

The best-in-class end-to-end efficiency of our turnkey solutions is integral to ST’s strong commitment to a sustainable and greener future.

Wireless Chargers Receivers
Wireless Chargers Receivers

Qi-compliant wireless charging ICs with higher efficiency, enhanced safety for wide range of applications

Wireless Charger Transmitters
Wireless Charger Transmitters

Qi-compliant transmitter ensures fast and stable single / multi-coil wireless charging for applications from 2.5 W to 70 W

Qi Compliant Wireless Charging Solution boosts efficiency and reverse power transfer

With increasing demand for more power and higher efficiency,  STWLC68 product family provides the solution for wireless-charging applications with industry-leading efficiency, high power transfer and safety. ST’s newest wireless-charging products operate as both a high-power receiver and a transmitter enabling rapid power transfer and power sharing with FOD (Foreign Object Detection) and other important ST-proprietary safety IPs.
ST’s proprietary high-voltage technology, paired with excellent mixed signal design and highest quality assurance, enables our customers to deliver cutting-edge wireless-charging products. The STWLC68 family of highly integrated devices needs a very low external BoM (Bill of Materials), ideal for integration in a wide range of applications from small wearables and appliances to larger ones like smartphones and tablets. Being WPC Qi 1.2.4 compliant, the STWLC68 is fully compatible with all Qi certified devices in the market

Qi®-Compliant 15 W Multi-Coil Wireless Charger for Mobile Devices

STWBC-MC 15 W wireless battery-charger transmitter can control multiple charging coils, making charging less dependent on the precise position of the battery-powered device. Compliant with the latest Qi® 1.2.4 specification, the STWBC-MC is the first transmitter specifically designed to support the Qi MP-A15 EPP (Extended Power Profile) topology. In addition to detecting a valid receiver and selecting the most efficient coil for power transfer, it ensures extended Foreign Object Detection (FOD) through bi-directional communication with the receiver. The STWBC-MC also supports the proprietary wireless fast-charge extensions of leading smartphone manufacturers.