FDA803S / FDA903S

1x10 W digital input class-D automotive audio amplifier with advanced diagnostics

Saving space and cost in eCall and Telematics systems.

fda subbrand The FDA803S / FDA903S, using a compact 5x5 mm QFN slug-down package, are the perfect fit for platforms that require an audio channel to reproduce human voice, sound or warning messages, in an extremely compact, heatsink-less solution. They also embed an advanced speaker diagnostic matrix, that helps user to comply with automotive standards.

The additional low sampling rate frequencies (from 8kHz up to 32kHz) make FDA803S / FDA903S suitable for Telematics, requiring less memory occupation, reducing the overall system’s cost.

To control loudspeaker misconnections, a full-load diagnostic algorithm performs standard diagnostic checks even when in Play mode.

Moreover, the FDA903S, integrating a digital admittance meter and real-time load-current, is aligned with the most advanced audio amplifiers safety standards supporting ASIL A system compliance.

Key features

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Ambient operating temperature -40 to 125 °C
  • Selectable input sample rate frequency from 8kHz up to 96kHz)
  • Wide supply operating range: 3.3 to 18 V
  • I2C full configurability and diagnostics also in play
  • Digital Admittance Meter (DAM) and load current monitor
  • QFN32 wettable flanks
  • Tested according to CISPR 25 - Class V (Fourth edition)

Application examples

telematics e-call Telematics / e-Call
avas and vess AVAS and VESS
speaker music Headrest speaker
speaker music Sound bubble and zonal sound

Recommended resources

eval fda903s.webp

Based on a single-channel Class-D amplifier able to deliver up to 10 W, this evaluation board can be connected directly to other ST modules including Mini A2 and MiniA2 extend boards. An intuitive GUI is also available to quickly set board parameters and evaluate device performance in various configurations.

This user manual explains how to use the evaluation board in order to evaluate FDA803S and FDA903S performance in various configurations.

pdf full digital audio amplifiers for car infotainment systems.webp

ST’s HFDA & FDA combine high-quality audio with automotive robustness for inexpensive, compact, high-definition (HD) audio applications.

press release

Digital input automotive audio amplifiers with advanced diagnostics save space and system cost in eCall, AVAS and Telematics systems