Automotive Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers

Developer of the first automotive class-D amplifier with digital input, ST supplies audio power amplifiers to the most important automotive audio makers for both premium sound systems and head units.

We offer a broad product portfolio covering all multi-channel requirements and continue to develop innovative solutions to always ensure the best sound quality combined with maximum energy efficiency and advanced features.

  • High amplification efficiency ratings
  • Robust automotive design with integrated protection against overstress conditions, such as short-circuits, electrostatic discharge (ESD), load dump, or over-temperature
  • A very advanced diagnostics processor
  • A proprietary feedback loop architecture, addressing the need for lower system cost and electromagnetic emissions
  • Fully digital processing
  • Ability to drive very low impedance speakers (as low as 1 ohm)
  • Compliance with stop/start and hybrid engine standards

New single-channel Class-D amplifiers with unique diagnostic matrix ensures high-end audio performance

Featuring advanced diagnostics, high efficiency and a unique load current monitor feature  to ensure high system reliability, FDA803D and FDA903D are the latest amplifiers in our FDA80x family of automotive Class-D audio power amplifiers.
Thanks to an innovative architecture that includes a low-pass output filter in the feedback loop, these devices offer high-quality sound at a reduced system cost. Moreover, supporting a very wide supply voltage range (from 3.3 to 18 V) they are the best fit for any automotive audio application including standard car audio systems to today's e-call and acoustic vehicle alerting systems (AVAS).