VIPower™ M0-7 H-Bridge family of automotive DC motor drivers

High current, integrated H-Bridge driver for DC motors with control circuit and power drivers in a single package

The latest series of integrated H-Bridge drivers built on VIPower M0-7 technology offer higher power density, greater accuracy in critical diagnostics, and new protection features. This series covers a wide spectrum of RDS(on) values (8 mΩ up to 200 mΩ per bridge) and package options, ensuring design scalability. Key features include loss-less built-in load current sensing, operation down to 3 V, programmable latch-off operation, ultra-low quiescent current, PWM up to 20 KHz, and many more. 

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Featured Solution


Trunk Control System
Based on the SL-AU-VIPOWER-H1 solution kit

ST's comprehensive Automotive Discovery Ecosystem helps you quickly find the best solution for your automotive applications.

Our Automotive Trunk Control solution (SL-AU-VIPOWER-H1) includes the SPC5-EV-ADIS adapter that you can combine with the SPC560B-DIS Discovery board, along with VIPower "easy boards" that address several motor drivers for automotive applications such as trunk lock, power lift gate, relay replacement, and more.

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Featured Products


VNH7 Family Allows a Compact Design

Thanks to very small packages and high integration, these devices allow the implementation of compact and reliable solutions for automotive DC motor control applications. The SO-16N is a full plastic triple-island package and has a body size of only 38 mm2. The VNH7070AS and VNH7100AS are housed in this package, combining small size with good thermal performance and at very reasonable price. The PowerSSO-36 triple island has three exposed pads offering optimized thermal performance. This package also houses the VNH7040AY, a device able to address motors operating at up to 60 W.



Part numbers

Typ. current

Max DC


@ 85 °C

Target applications


VNH7100BAS 2.5 A 36 W Door lock, deployable handle, mirror adjust, steering wheel lock SO-16N
VNH7070BAS 3.5 A 38 W
VNH7040AY 5 A 75 W Dual washer pump, trunk cinching motor,
Medium power – trunk spindle lift motor
VNHD7008AY* 12 A 180 W Power window, rear curtain
High power – trunk spindle lift motor

*Recommended to be used with external LS MOSFET STL76DN4LF7AG, STL15DN4F5