Play with a ready-to-go IoT node

Drawing from ST’s experienced mastery of sensors and smart applications, this out of the box development kit enables users (from beginners to advanced) to explore the use of sensors in today’s applications, configure and easily create new applications through a dedicated wizard, or take full advantage of the integration with the STM32 Open Development Environment ( ODE).
    Main features
  • Pre-recorded examples
  • Controlled by smartphone
  • Data collection capabilities
  • Full sensors on board
  • Solution A.I. ready


SensorTile in a Box: More Powerful Sensors and Three User Modes
With three operating modes - beginner, developer and advanced - you can benefit from this kit regardless of your programming skills.



Ready to get started?
Step 1

Download the ST’s app “STBLE Sensor

Step 2

Connect to the board via Bluetooth


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