NFC transceiver ST25R3918

ST25R3918: Multi-purpose NFC transceiver

st25r3918 universal nfc reader

Combining enhanced analog reader performance into an affordable NFC transceiver

The ST25R3918 is a multipurpose NFC transceiver supporting NFC reader, passive peer-to-peer functionality and NFC card emulation mode.

It is optimized to achieve good read ranges with low output power, even under noisy and harsh environments, using noise reduction receiver technology.

This IC is optimized for IoT and industrial applications where excellent analog performance is required.

Key features of ST25R3918

  • Noise suppression Receiver (NSR)
    • Reduces interference from noise sources and increases immunity
    • Ensures electromagnetic immunity and eases certification
  • Active Wave Shaping (AWS) makes over- & under-shoot smoothing easier
  • Dynamic Power Output (DPO):0.5W output power with dynamic power adjustment to optimize power transfer
  • Low power card detection achieves market-leading power consumption using inductive wakeup

Application examples

power tools Power tools
brand protection Brand protection, Accessory recognition
healthcare beauty Healthcare & Beauty

How to test & prototype with ST25R3918

Choose a development kit to start testing the capabilities and features of ST25R3918:

evaluation board NFC universal device ST25R3916-DISCO


Discovery kit for high-performance NFC universal device.


X-Nucleo Expansion board with high-performance NFC universal device for STM32 and STM8 Nucleos.

NFC X-Nucleo Expansion board

Learn how NFC/RFID works and what you need to develop a high-performance reader system

nfc reader webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar

Webinar agenda
  • The roles of the major NFC/RFID reader components and how they operate
  • The key requirements and functional blocks of an NFC/RFID reader system
  • About the newest additions to ST's high-performance reader portfolio