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Ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound imaging works by using a probe to directly apply sound waves – in the non-audible spectrum – to a patient’s skin and analyzing the different travel times and amplitudes generated by their echoes when encountering different tissues and organs.  This type of non-destructive technology creates real-time images and can conveniently be used in specific situations such for echocardiograms and fetal diagnostics.  Key to the quality of the reconstructed image is the number of pixels that the probe, typically using piezoelectric transducers, can handle at the same time and which also includes the capability to spatially and temporally focus those waveforms – or beamforming.

Our products and solutions

ST offers state-of-the-art integrated, multi-channel, high-voltage transmit pulsers used to excite the piezo-electric transducers that help implement accurate beamforming. 

In addition, we provide high-performance STM32 microcontrollers, power discrete devices including diodes and power MOSFETS, AC-DC and DC-DC power management ICs as well as wired and wireless communication solutions – including Bluetooth connectivity  – to help build innovative ultrasound imaging equipment.