STM32 firmware for STPM32 access and a basic metrology application

This firmware is a starting point for the development of a metrology application using the STPM32 ASSP for metering applications, and an STM32 microcontroller. It has been implemented for the STEVAL-IPE023V1 USB interface board for the STPM series of energy meter ASSPs, interfaced with the EVALSTPM32 single-phase energy metering evaluation board, but can easily be ported across different MCU families.

The firmware provides the basic functions to initialize, read and write to the STPM32 metrology ASSP through an SPI or UART interface, as well as a basic metrology application based on a microcontroller timer. The firmware uses the IAR toolchain.

Key Features

  • Initialization of STM32 MCU
  • Reset sequence of the STPM32 ASSP
  • Communication through UART or SPI interface
  • Block transfer in read and write mode
  • Data latch through SYN pin of STPM32 ASSP
  • Basic metrology application example based on STM32 MCU timer to read energy and voltage
  • Easy portability across different MCU families


Technical Documentation

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DB2936 DB2936: STM32 firmware for STPM32 access and a basic metrology application 1.0 170.74 KB
User Manuals
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UM2092 UM2092: Basic metrology firmware for the STM32F103RD and STPM32 devices 1.0 660.37 KB


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STSW-STPM002 1.2.0 Active ST


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