Application executable of the "NFC Tap" Android app for ST25 product family

ST25 NFC Tap App (executable file STSW-ST25001, source code STSW-ST25002) is an Android™ application dedicated to handle both NFC/RFID tags (ST25TA and ST25TV series, CLOUD ST25TA02K-P board), and Dynamic NFC tags (M24SR, M24LR, and ST25DV-PWM and ST25DV-I2C series).

This application allows the user to store or read NDEF messages, such as NDEF URL, SMS, Email, vCard (including picture), AAR and text.

NDEF Multi-records is also available.

Bluetooth® pairing NDEF message is also included in the package, which lets the user pair with a smart phone and stream audio via Bluetooth® (only available with Discovery or premium kits).

Specific demonstration features (such as FW update, image transfer, LED toggle and setting configuration) are available and work with specific firmware and Discovery kits.

Key Features

  • Read / Write NDEF messages, NFC forum compliant example
    • Text
    • URI
    • SMS
    • Email
    • vCard
    • Multi-records
  • Tag information, CC file, System File (for ST products) retrieval
  • NDEF, ISO14443 Type A (ISO-DEP), ISO15693
  • Specific functionalities: counters, GPO control, memory area configuration, TruST25™ digital signature, tamper detect capability, EAS (electronic article surveillance), privacy protection, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) outputs setting and control, and Registers management according to tag found
  • Password management (password authentication, tag protection)
  • Fast transfer mode (ST25DV-I2C series)


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB2695 DB2695: Android application for ST25 products 4.0 218 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM2131 UM2131: ST25 Android™ NFC tap application 5.0 2 MB


License Agreement
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Tools and Software

STM32 Open Development Environment
Evaluation Tools
Product Evaluation Tools

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STSW-ST25001 1.0.13 Active ST


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