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Where can I get a quick overview of ST’s embedded security solution?
Discover our dedicated webinar!

What is embedded security?
If you are new to security and are wondering what embedded security really means you may need to review the fundamentals before moving forward with your embedded design. You can start with the basics and begin this learning experience with our MOOCs PART 1. Read more
Where can I find a certified solution to design secure embedded systems? Where can I get help implementing STM32Trust?
As an embedded designer, you may already have some prior experience in security and may be looking for a solution that will allow you to identify and solve security issues in your design. In that case, you can skip the first steps of this learning experience and start with our MOOCs PART 2. Read more

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The ST community dedicated to security topics is here to support your embedded system security hardware and software in the field of internet of things with or without real-time operating system.
A quick overview of the STM32 embedded security solution
With this webinar you will understand the services provided by a microcontroller security framework and its benefits. This session includes a hands-on demo of a Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update with root of trust. Watch our 1-hour webinar with Q&A “Understand proven STM32 security in one hour” Read more
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Follow our MOOCs on embedded security to increase your knowledge and skills on embedded security and gain experience in designing secure embedded systems, using the STM32 security framework.
From the basic concepts of security for embedded systems, to secure cloud connectivity with STM32 and STSAFE secure elements, here is an overview of the course structure, so you can choose the right MOOC(s) for you, depending on your level of expertise.

  • Introduction to Embedded security, understand the basic concepts of secure embedded systems, including confidentiality, integrity, denial of service and thread analyze.
  • Basics of cryptography, strengthen your knowledge and skills in cryptography (Symmetric or Asymmetric, TDES, AES, RSA, ECC) and how they connect to authentication access, as well as data confidentiality and integrity.
  • How to define your security needs, to design your secure system, you need to identify the main security risks in your embedded system around its life cycle to define security requirements before to know which security solutions can help you secure and protect your assets.
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  • STM32 security features, discover the STM32 security features from Crypto accelerator and True Random number generator to flash Protection and learn how to combine them in the building of your own secure system.
  • STM32 security in practice, after learning more about the SBSFU process (Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update), discover how to implement a secure bootloader with firmware authentication.
  • STM32 security ecosystem from theory to practice, now that you are more familiar with ST’s embedded security offer, you will be able to test and implement SBSFU on STM32 MCUs. After this session, you will know how to benefit from the STM32Trust framework.
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If you want to start the development of your secure embedded hardware and software solution once you have identified your assets and the attacks they need to be protected from, then STM32Trust is the ideal framework for you! This free solution allows you to quickly design a new secure device, which can reach certification levels such as PSA and SESIP. It includes all the references from basic concept, application notes, reference firmware, partner solutions, and more.

  • STM32 security tips, tips and tricks related to the STM32 security features that can be very useful in your day-to-day R&D activity. Learn how to run safe operations on STM32L5 embedded devices without blocking the MCU, get up to speed on memory isolation and much more.
  • Secure cloud connectivity with SBSFU and STSAFE-A110, based on STM32 and STSAFE-A110 secure element, the X-CUBE-AWS concept and secure communication can be used together with Amazon Web Services to build a secure connection solution.
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