ST’s STM32 Learning portfolio helps you upgrade your skills. You will benefit from ST’s free online courses in MOOC format, given by our technology experts that will help boost the performance of your application.

The MOOC platform enables you to  

  • study from any place, even from your bed,
  • study at any time, midnight owls welcome!
  • study at your own pace from any internet connected device.

ST online courses are free of charge, your only investment is the applicable STM32 Discovery kit from your local distributor and some USB cables.

ST MCUs e-learning process

  • We have divided our STM32 MOOCs into five steps with different levels of expertize and focus.
  • For more details about the ST MOOCs and to access the courses, please click on the chosen session in the below diagram.
  • Courses are provided in MOOC format with training material available online, mostly as videos complemented with exercises.

Need help?

If you have any question related to ST MOOCs or if you encounter problems in accessing the MOOCs, please write to

STM32Cube basics MOOC with
hands-on exercises
duration: 8h00

Moving from 8 to 32 bits workshop -
first steps in STM32

duration: 4h00

Security Part 1 - Introduction to security
duration: 0h30

Security Part 2 - Basics of cryptography
duration: 2h00

STM32Cube basics MOOC
with hands-on exercises

duration: 8h00

STM32CubeMX: easy integration
of third parties FW 

duration: 1h00

STM32 drives Spirit2 
duration: 1h00

FreeRTOS on STM32
duration: 10h00

STM32CubeIDE basics
duration: few hours

TouchGFX how to
duration: 0h25

STM32 Graphics workshop
duration: 5h00

STM32L4 workshop MOOC
duration: 5h30

STM32L4 training MOOC
duration: 9h30

STM32F7 workshop MOOC
duration: 3h00

Introduction to STM32L0 
duration: 1h00

STM32G0 Workshop
duration: 3h00

STM32WB workshop MOOC
duration: 5h00

STM32MP1 workshop
duration: 5h00

LPWAN workshop MOOC
duration: 3h30

Graphics with STM32 MOOC
duration: 4h00

Motor Control Part 1
duration: 0h40

Motor Control Part 2
duration: 1h00

Motor Control Part 3
duration: 1h00

Motor Control Part 4
duration: 1h00

Motor Control Part 5
duration: 4h00

STM32 USB training
duration: 10h00

STM32WB BLE MESH introduction
duration: 1h00

STM32WB Firmware Update Over the Air (FUOTA)
duration: 1h30

Introduction to STM32Cube.AI
duration: 1h30

Ultra-low-power STM32 extras MOOC
with hands-on exercises

duration: 1h00

ST25 NFC dynamic tags MOOC
with hands-on exercises

duration: 1h00

External QSPI loader how to
duration: 1h00

Security Part 3 - STM32 security features
duration: 5h00

Security Part 4 - STM32 security in practice
duration: 4h00

STM32WB RF guidelines

STM32 Security tips
duration: 0h30

STM32 MPU tips
duration: 1h00



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