Low power (440uA), general purpose Bipolar 5V Op-Amps, GBP=5.5MHz, small offset, quad with shutdown feature

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  • The LMV82x and LMV82xA series of single, dual, and quad operational amplifiers offer low voltage operation with rail-to-rail output swing. They outperform the industry standard LMV321, especially with regard to the gain bandwidth

    product (5.5 MHz). The LMV821, LMV822 and LMV824 are offered with standard pinouts.
    The LMV820, LMV823, and LMV825 include a power-saving shutdown feature that reduces the supply current to a maximum of 50 nA at 25 °C.
    The wide temperature range, high ESD tolerance, and automotive grade qualification make them particularly suitable for use in harsh automotive applications.

    Key Features

    • Low power consumption: 400 μA max at 5 V
    • Low power shutdown mode: 50 nA max
    • Low offset voltage: 0.8 mV max at 25°C
    • Tiny packages
    • Extended temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
    • Low supply voltage: 2.5 V - 5.5 V
    • Gain bandwidth product: 5.5 MHz
    • Automotive qualification
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      Low power, high accuracy, general-purpose operational amplifier
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      Low power, high accuracy, general-purpose operational amplifier

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