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Body Control Module (BCM)

Body control modules (BCM) depend on highly reliable electronic components to monitor and control a wide variety of car body, security and convenience functions.

A growing number of dedicated BCMs

Due to the increasing complexity, vehicles often have multiple BCMs, each dedicated to a specific sub-system, including: 

  • Lighting control: including incandescent, HID, Xenon, LED lamps and their related diagnostics monitoring (over-load and over-temperature protection, bulb outage detection, etc.); 
  • Motor control drivers for mirrors, wiper, windows, seat position, dome, locks, and climate control; 
  • Security control for immobilizer and NFC keyless entry systems. 

To reduce the weight and size of these systems, relays are increasingly being replaced by integrated power devices with embedded diagnostics.

Our products and solutions

ST offers a complete range of automotive-grade SPC5 32-bit microcontrollers, diodes and protection ICs, MEMS and sensors, and serial EEPROMs as well as secure element and eSIM solutions.