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Body and convenience

  Car body and convenience applications are evolving to increase the comfort of both drivers and passengers. Vehicle manufacturers need solutions that have the flexibility to cover a wide range of car models and a broad range of options. These solutions need to communicate increasing amounts of data to enable decentralized control, enhanced functional safety levels, as well as efficient diagnostic and maintenance capabilities. Body control modules (BCM) are increasingly being used to control multiple vehicle functions, with integration becoming a key discriminator. Cost-effective flexible semiconductor solutions for BCMs depend upon having the right technology for the application needs.  

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Our products and solutions

ST has the broadest product portfolio dedicated to body and convenience solutions, covering interior and exterior lighting systems for bulbs, xenon HID and LEDs and drive controllers for stepper, brushed and brushless DC motors. We provide complete solutions for seat positioning and trunk, mirror, window, wiper and lock control as well as everything required for automatic climate control systems. In addition, we supply connectivity solutions to link all the sub-systems together, whether with LIN, CAN or Ethernet.

Smart Power silicon technologies

Our proven automotive grade Smart Power technologies, Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) and VIPower can combine multiple functions on a single chip to provide unprecedented levels of integration. Our CMOS and discrete power technologies complement the Smart Power technologies and our wide range of automotive packages completes the offer.