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Electric Power Steering (EPS)

By assisting driver effort in controlling a  vehicle's steering wheel, electric power steering (EPS) systems improve directional control and passenger safety while reducing engine loading, thus improving fuel efficiency.  Electric power steering (EPS) systems use an electric motor – typically a three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor – to replace the hydraulic actuation mechanism. An EPS can improve the driver's directional control of the vehicle and reduce engine loading, thus improving its fuel efficiency. It also enables variable-assist power steering where the level of assistance is greater at lower speeds when it is needed most and reduced at higher speeds.

Solutions for BLDC motors

ST's solutions for EPS include a full range of three-phase gate drivers and Power MOSFETs for driving BLDC motors, including 48 V domains. Dedicated power management ICs, and CAN transceivers as well as a wide range of flexible and innovative application-specific standard products (ASSP),  covering all possible system partitions. SPC5 32-bit automotive microcontrollers provide the overall system control.