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Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Vehicle electrification and new powertrain systems are driving the introduction of Vehicle Control Units (VCU) that act as domain controller for electric or hybrid vehicles. The VCU reads sensor signals, for example, brakes, HVIL or charger connection. Then, it acts to balance the system energy, optimize torque, control the motor, HV battery pack and the on-board charging system up to charger lock.

System Basis Chip at the core

ST offers a complete solution for VCU applications, based upon our leading-edge System Basis Chip, that brings benefits such as BOM cost savings, reduced PCB area, high integration and reliability. The offer is completed by a sensor interface, multichannel configurable HS/LS drivers and high-performance 32-bit MCUs with CAN transceivers and ESD protection to support your full design.