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DC/DC converter for EV/HEV

DC-DC converters convert HV to 48V, HV to 12V, and 48V to 12V in the various configurations of electric vehicles. The key design requirements for DC-DC converters are low losses, high efficiency, low volume and light weight. There are many architectures requiring different kinds of semiconductor devices.

48V to 12V bidirectional DC/DC converter

In mild hybrid electric vehicles, the DC/DC converter is a mandatory part of the overall system. It is typically used in buck mode to supply electrical energy to the 12V system, which has been created by the 48V starter generator. In some cases, such
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Bidirectional DC/DC converter

Electric vehicles (EV) use two different power systems; a high-voltage battery (200 to 450 VDC) for traction and a low-voltage (12 V) one for supplying all the electric appliances in the vehicle.  Traditionally the low-voltage battery was charged fro
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Our products and solutions

ST supplies power devices, super-junction MOSFETs with fast switching diodes, IGBTs with co-packed diodes, SiC MOSFETs, and low-Voltage Trench-Gate MOSFETs as well STGAP1S gapDRIVE™ as gate drivers.