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Robotic and Motorized Toys

Robotic toys use robotic technology to move and interact with their environment. These toys can range from simple remote-controlled cars to advanced humanoid robots.
Robotic toys provide an engaging experience while teaching young users about robotics, programming, and engineering. Designing and manufacturing robotic toys can, however, be challenging and expensive, and require specialized knowledge and skills.
Robotic toys should also include safety features like object and obstacle detection, using sensors to prevent collisions.
Robotic toys are becoming more advanced and increasing in popularity as parents and educators recognize their potential to enhance the play and learning experience of young users.

Key Challenges

One of the main challenges is designing the mechanical components of the robot, including the motors, gears, and sensors, to ensure that they are reliable and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of intense play use.

The main challenges in robotic toy design include:

  • Seamless wireless connections
  • Energy efficiency for a long operating life
  • Durable motor control
  • Safety-oriented and reliable environment and user sensors

Our products and Solutions

ST provides a wide range of innovative products to address the challenges associated with robotic and motorized toys.
Our highly optimized and low-power Time-of-Flight sensors and leading-edge environmental sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, temperature sensors and ambient light sensors enhance device interaction with the environment.
Motor control is a key function of any robotic toy, and ST provides advanced and reliable solutions for efficiently driving any type of motor. From monolithic motor drivers to all-in-one drivers, our solutions can satisfy any configuration.
ST’s BLE products portfolio enables reliable wireless connection to any devices such as remote controllers, smartphones and many more.
ST is also a leader in global shutter image sensor technology, with optimized products that enable fast, efficient, and reliable scanning.
Our extensive expertise in power management enables efficient energy provisioning in a slim form factor.
Of equal importance are the ESD protection devices that ST offers for a wide range of use cases. From USB protection to HDMI and SD card protection, these dedicated protection devices offer fundamental contributions to sustainable designs.