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Electronic and robotic toys

Electronic and robotic toys have been entertaining children and stimulating their creativity for decades. Various types can be seen in the market, including simple remote-controlled cars, drones, tangible user interfaces (TUIs) or AR toys, humanoid robots, and so on. But they all share similar “interaction with the environment and the user”.

Explore Electronic and robotic toys applications

Key Challenges

To achieve the right level of interactivity, reliable and affordable sensors and actuators are required. Connectivity can also help improve the level of interactivity and provide an even greater user experience.

The main challenges to overcome in the electronic and robotic toy industry therefore include:

  • Seamless wireless connections
  • Energy efficiency for a long operating life 
  • High reactivity
  • Reliable environment and user sensing
  • Efficient actuators

Our products and solutions

ST provides a wide range of innovative products to address the above challenges in the electronic and robotic toy industry.
Our highly optimized and low-power Time-of-Flight sensors and leading-edge environmental sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, temperature sensors, and ambient light sensors enable enhanced device interaction with the environment.
The ST BLE product portfolio enables reliable wireless connectivity in any device, including remote controllers, smartphones, and many others.
Our extensive expertise in power management enables efficient energy provisioning in a slim form factor.
Of equal importance are the ESD protection devices that ST offers for a wide range of use cases. From USB protection to HDMI and SD card protection, these dedicated protection devices offer fundamental contributions to sustainable designs.